Success from tradition

Aus Tradition erfolgreich:

Thanks to our nearly 100-year-old corporate history we are able to offer high-quality and sophisticated solu-tions to our customers. Complete stables, feeding techno-logy and, to an increasing extent, metal working: our experienced and qualified experts have the know-how required in your line of work and advise you while keeping an eye on the complex whole. We make sure that your company’s cost and process optimization are always taken into account. It is not a coincidence that Ewering GmbH & Co. KG is dynamically growing because as a medium-sized and owner-managed company in the Münsterland region we plan, produce and deliver according to your needs and ideas. With a production area of around 3,500 square meters we are perfectly equipped for tomorrows’ challenges.

Our history

1904 - 1980
From blacksmith to professional stable equipment
Building of the first production hall with an area of 350 square meters.
First production of pig equipment (swing cages).
The company is taken over by master farrier and son-in-law Bernhard Ewering; a 150-square meter forge is built.
Business registration by master smith Bernhard Uphues for horseshoeing and the production of harrows, plows and wooden wheels.
2003 - 2006
The company BW Ewering & Middendorf GbR is established
After B.W. Ewering jr.’s early death, the companies BW Ewering and Bernhard Ewering are taken over by Ewering & Middendorf GbR, owned by Martin Ewering and Hermann Middendorf.
BW Ewering – a company for the production of stable equipment and industrial products – is founded by Bernhard Wilhelm Ewering jr
20013 - 2015
Setting the course for the future

This is the heading

22 people make up the permanent team. Apart from the production of stable equipment, industrial processing of stainless and normal steel gains in importance.
Change of the company’s name to Ewering & Middendorf GmbH & Co. KG.
Commissioning of a production hall (about 3,500 square meters) in Billerbeck for the production of stable equipment. Expansion of the industrial sector.

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